Immigration in Baku

Caspian Ferry Customs Compound

This is where you need to have your vehicle registered within the allotted time for importation (usually 72 hours from arrival in the country). If you need to stay longer, you might have the vehicle impounded tempor…
Consulate in Baku

Iranian Consulate

When applying for visas, be sure to use the consular section. That's in a completely different location to the main Iranian embassy. Getting a visa is hit and miss – some EU nationals have found it possible to get a…
Embassy in Baku

Turkish Embassy

There's rarely any need to visit the embassy as almost all Western visitors to Turkey are now required to get an e-visa online: a simple procedure but you'll need access to a credit or debit card. Visas no longer is…
Embassy in Baku

Iranian Consulate

The consulate in Baku where you go for visa applications is completely separate from the embassy. There is also a consulate in Naxçivan.
Immigration in Baku

Customs HQ

Come to this office if you have to pay the AZN21 fine for late customs registration of your motorbike or vehicle. You won't be able to leave port till that's paid.
Bank in Baku

Turan Bank

While you might get a better deal across town on Səməd Vurğun Gardens, US dollars and euro exchange rates here are pretty good for such a central location.
Booking Service in Baku

Wide-ranging Baku info site including extensive theatre listings. There's an English-language tab but currently that option doesn't seem to work.
Tourist Information in Baku

Tourist Information Office

Gives away a range of glossy pamphlets and a full-colour Baku Guide magazine but don't count on detailed help for testing questions.
Internet in Baku


Longer-term visitors might like to register for this online community which puts expats in touch for answering live-in-Baku style questions.
Doctor in Baku


Attractively appointed English-speaking clinic. Doctors’ consultations from AZN34. Ambulance service available.