Fair in Baku

Caspian Oil & Gas Show

The biggest of many international trade fairs held at Baku Expo Centre, beyond the Buta Palace near Suraxanı. The rates for business hotels tend to rise for its duration.
in Baku

Heydar Əliyev Adina Idman Konsert Kompleksi

The Baku trade fairs (http://cas it’s held at Baku’s soulless Heydar Әliyev Adina İdman Konsert Kompleksi.
Music in Baku

Baku Jazz Festival

The world-class Baku Jazz Festival is usually held in October. Headline acts have included Herbie Hancock and Aziza Mustafazadeh.
Exhibition Centre in Baku

Baku Expo Centre

Multipurpose exhibition centre notably used for hosting trade fairs.