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An ancient fortress with secret passages, a huge open-air museum, objects from ancient caves, rock carvings, mounds, an ancient mill and many other buildings of the Middle Ages will open their secrets to you. We will also visit the Museum of Antique Objects and the Museum of Modern Art."Gala" is a big complex consisting of an ancient fortress, a huge open-air museum-reserve, a museum of antique objects and a museum of modern art. Here you can see how they lived, how they defended and what the Azerbaijanis made in the old days. Unlike many other museums here it is allowed to touch and even use most of the exhibits. You can bake bread yourself in an old oven, weave a carpet, make a pitcher in a pottery workshop, work as a blacksmith or feed a camel. Also here do not prohibit taking pictures. Just imagine what wonderful photos you get for a loom, in a smithy, or in an old phaeton.
What awaits youOpen-air museum-reserve.Our adventure begins with a visit to a huge open-air museum, with a territory of more than one hectare. On the territory of the museum there are ancient excavations, burial mounds, ancient dwellings, portable tents made of animal skins, pottery workshops, a bakery, a real smithy, a model of an old bazaar, a yard with camels and much more. On the hands of our excursionists will be drawn wonderful drawings-tattoos with the help of henna. If your group includes children, then they will open a huge space for games and entertainment."Interactive tour" in the open-air museum.If you wish to weave the carpet yourself, make a vase of clay with your own hands on a potter's wheel, bake bread in an old oven and knock with a hammer in a real smithy, a special "Interactive Tour" will be organized for you. An interactive tour is organized by the museum staff for each group and other visitors are not allowed to it. The tour should be booked in advance, but it is paid for at the museum's ticket office. This tour costs 88 $ for the whole group and is not included in the tour price (personally I highly recommend to order it, because it is the "fairy tale" of this excursion).The museum-fortress.Then we will go to the ancient fortress. By an amazing spiral staircase we will climb to the top of the fortress and admire from the heights to the whole Absheron. I will tell you the history of this fortress, how it was built, how repeatedly it was destroyed and rebuilt. Then we'll go down to the fortress and walk through underground secret passages. Visiting this fortress will surely be remembered for you for life.Museum of antiques.After getting out of the underground tunnels, we will go to a modern building - the Museum of Antique Objects. In this museum are collected ancient objects, which people used every day (oil lamps, irons, etc.), there is even a medieval phaeton. But the bulk of the exhibits is a huge collection of old samovars (I'll tell you an amazing story of this collection).International exhibition "From waste to art".Finally, the visit to the museum "From waste to art" will help us to return to the present era.In this museum you can admire the amusing works of art made of various household waste - CD, wires, bulbs, wheels, etc. In the museum you can find very interesting works of masters from Italy, Spain, America and many countries. I will tell you who was founded and how this museum was created. You will be very surprised!Amusement park «Qala Aylendje»After the tour, we can drop into the amusement park "Qala Aylendje", where you can have fun at various attractions. The cost of attractions is not included in the tour price.

What’s included

  • Because this complex is located near the airport you can book an excursion on the day of arrival. Directly from the airport, we will go on an excursion, and then to the hotel. So you can save time and money (you do not have to order an extra transfer from the airport to the hotel)
  • unlimited for the entire period of the excursion)
  • drawing on your hand is paid for by me, as a gift;

What’s not included

  • paid for at the museum's ticket office)
  • Along with a lot of ancient exhibits, the ethnographic museum has a smithy, a spinning mill, a carpet making workshop, a bakery (an old oven-sage, for baking lavash) and a pottery workshop. During a visit to the museum you can try all this, i.e. work with a hammer in the smithy, sit at a loom, etc. But when ordering an "Interactive Tour" all this comes to life. In the spinning you will be met by a woman in national clothes and will show you how to spin a thread from camel's wool, help you to weave a real oriental carpet, then you can roll out the dough and fry the bread-lavash in a sage-oven, the fire will burn in the smithy - you can to inflame him with furs and knock on the hot iron with a hammer, the potter's workshop will open for you and you yourself can make a pot of clay on a potter's wheel.