Old Gabala Site

Archaeological Site in Qәbәlә

Today's Qəbələ was renamed to honour an ancient city of Caucasian Albania mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (AD 77). Old Gabala was so comprehensively trashed by the 18th-century invader Nader Shah that even its location was entirely forgotten. Rediscovered in 1959, it's now a large, peacefully rural archaeological site 20km west of town. What you see is mainly a grassy field but there are a couple of interesting excavations to peruse plus the brick-and-stone stumps of two massive brick gate-towers.

A brand-new museum shows off numerous finds and adds some context.

The site is 4km off the Qəbələ–Şəki road, turning south at Mirzəbəyli. There’s no public transport. Consider chartering a taxi (around AZN20) between Qəbələ and Oğuz seeing Old Gabala as a side trip and possibly adding a visit to the Albanian church at the ethnically Udi village of Nic.