Top things to do in Around İsmayıllı

Street in Lahıc

Hüseynov küç

Lahıc’s main street is unevenly paved with smooth pale river-stones and lined with older houses built traditionally with interleaving stone and timber layers. Many have wooden box-balconies.
Azerbaijani in Lahıc

Mikail Humbatov’s Restaurant

Unsigned and invisible behind an unfinished five-storey hotel building this inviting restaurant has tree-shaded garden seating with mountain views high across the river, while the main dining hall is festooned with …
Landmark in Lahıc

Zərnava Bridge

Tourist photos often feature the wobbly, vertigo-nightmare that is the suspension footbridge to Zərnava. That's at the roadside around 11km south of Lahıc. Elsewhere the road has other spectacular sections and some …
Museum in Lahıc

Lahıc History Museum

This quaint little one-room collection of cultural artefacts is housed in a former mosque next door to the tourist office. Posted opening times are far from fixed.
Museum in Lahıc

School Museum

During summer Lahıc's village school welcomes visitors to look around and has a tiny little ‘museum room’.