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For a day's exploration by public transport start from Koroğlu metro station (south exit) in Baku taking bus 184 to its Suraxanı terminus. Having visited the fire temple, continue with bus 104 for 15 minutes, getting off where it turns a right angle to the south. Walk one minute north to an obvious highway bus stop (Heydar Əliyev pr 402). From there bus 136 continues to Mərdəkən and Mir Mövsöm Ziyarətgah, or bus 101 gets you to within 300m of Qala's ethnographic complex. Bus 182 links Qala with Mərdəkən. Return by bus 136 to Koroğlu metro station for bus 217 for Yanar Dağ or bus 204 to Ramana. These leave from the metro station's south exits: use the highway underpass.

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