Church in St Wolfgang


St Wolfgang’s impressive Wallfahrtskirche is a spectacular gallery of religious art, with glittering altars (from Gothic to baroque), an extravagant pulpit, a fine organ and countless statues and paintings. The most…
Museum in St Gilgen


There are five houses worldwide dedicated to Mozart, but this one takes the interesting approach of focusing mostly on the family, especially his sister 'Nannerl' (Maria Anna), an accomplished composer and musician …
Museum in St Gilgen

Muzikinstumente-Museum der Völker

This cosy little museum is home to 1500 musical instruments from all over the world, all of them collected by one family of music teachers. The son of the family, Askold zum Eck, can play them all and will happily d…
Museum in St Gilgen

Heimatkundliches Museum

The town museum has an eclectic collection ranging from embroidery – originally manufactured in the building – to religious objects and thousands of animal specimens.