Blue Mustard

Top choice international in The Hofburg & Around

Backlit wood hand-carvings of Stephansdom's Gothic windows, a wall-to-wall neon-lit map of Vienna and a street-food truck parked in the foyer make this one of Vienna's hottest new openings. Alexander Mayer's 'Journey menus' might start in Vienna (Beuschel veal ragout) and end in Naples (Torta Ricotta e Pera – poached pear and ricotta in an almond-and-hazelnut biscotti) with spectacular cocktail pairings.

Street food from the retro gold truck spans Vietnamese spring rolls to fajitas and falafel. Or drop by the bar for sensational craft cocktail creations, such as El Cipote (tequila, aloe vera liqueur, jalapenos and pineapple juice). Infusions include bacon-infused vodka and sage-infused gin.