Perfume in Innsbruck

Acqua Alpes

If you've ever wished to bottle the pure, fresh scent of the Alps, someone has already done it – fragrances inspired by those meadows, crisp air and wildflowers are sold at this vaulted, blue-and-white perfumery....

Food & Drinks in Stams

Kloster Shop

Marmalade, juice, honey, liqueurs and schnapps made on the Stift Stams premises can be bought from the Kloster shop, plus bread that's freshly baked here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Food & Drinks in Innsbruck


The charming Herby Signor will help you pick an excellent bottle of Austrian wine at his shop-cum-bar. s’Culinarium also stocks other Tyrolean specialities from honey to schnapps.

Mall in Innsbruck

Rathaus Galerien

High-street shops, boutiques and cafes line this swank glass-roofed mall, where you can break up shopping with a drink at 360°.

Arts & Crafts in Innsbruck

Tiroler Heimatwerk

Great for traditional gifts, this place sells everything from Dirndls to hand-carved nativity figurines, stained glass and Tyrolean puppets.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Innsbruck

Swarovski Crystal Gallery

Swarovski’s flagship store in Innsbruck is this gallery-style boutique, crammed with sparkling crystal trinkets, ornaments and jewellery.

Chocolate in Bludenz

Milka Shop

You can stock up on the chocolate made by purple cows – and discover how it is made – at Milka's flagship shop.