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Rail routes are often complemented by Postbus services, which really come into their own in the more inaccessible mountainous regions. Buses are fairly reliable, and usually depart from outside train stations.

  • In remote regions plan a day or two ahead and travel on a weekday; services are reduced or nonexistent on Saturday, and often nonexistent on Sunday. Pay attention to timetables on school buses in remote regions. These are excellent during the term (if a little loud and packed with kids) but don’t operate outside school term.
  • For online information consult www.postbus.at or www.oebb.at. Local bus stations or tourist offices usually stock free timetable brochures for specific bus routes.
  • Reservations are usually unnecessary. It’s possible to buy tickets in advance on some routes, but on others you can only buy tickets from the drivers.
  • Oddly, travel by Postbus can work out to be more expensive than train, especially if you have a Vorteilscard for train discounts (only family Vorteilscards are valid on buses). The ÖBB intercity bus between Graz and Klagenfurt (€29.70, two hours) is cheaper, more direct and slightly faster than the train. Generally, though, buses are slower.