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Most regional tourist boards have brochures on cycling facilities and routes within their region. Separate bike tracks are common in cities, and long-distance tracks and routes also run along many of the major valleys such as the Danube, Enns and Mur. Others follow lakes, such as the bike tracks around the Neusiedler See in Burgenland and the Wörthersee in Carinthia. Landstrassen (L) roads are usually good for cyclists.

The Danube cycling trail is like a Holy Grail for cyclists, following the entire length of the river in Austria between the borders with Germany and Slovakia. The Tauern Radweg is a 310km trail through the mountain landscapes of Hohe Tauern National Park.

Mountain Biking

Austria’s regions are well-equipped for mountain biking of various levels of difficulty. Carinthia (around Hermagor) and northern Styria (the Gesäuse, Schladming and Mariazell) are excellent places. The Dachstein Tour can be done over three days, whereas the Nordkette Single Trail in Innsbruck is one of the toughest and most exhilarating downhill rides in the country.

Bike Transport

It’s possible to take bicycles on trains with a bicycle symbol at the top of its timetable. You can’t take bicycles on bus services.

  • You must purchase a ticket for your bicycle (10% the cost of your train ticket; a minimum fee of €2 applies).
  • Weekly and monthly tickets are also available.
  • It is not possible to reserve spaces on regional, regional express and S-Bahn train services – simply check if space is available.
  • For long-distance trains (RailJet, Intercity, Eurocity and Euronight trains), you can reserve a space for your bicycle in advance for €3.50 at ÖBB ticket counters or by calling +43 (0)5 1717.
  • To make the journey run smoothly, ask train station staff where on the platform to wait so you'll be in front of the wagon with your reserved space when the train stops.


All large cities have at least one bike shop that doubles as a rental centre. In places where cycling is a popular pastime, such as the Wachau in Lower Austria and the Neusiedler See in Burgenland, almost all small towns have rental facilities. Rates vary from town to town, but expect to pay around €15 to €25 per day.

Hire Stations

Some regions have summer bicycle-rental stations where you can rent and drop off a bicycle at different stations, often using a credit card. In Lower Austria and Burgenland the system is very well established. A similar network is also located around the Wörthersee in Carinthia. Vienna also has a pick-up and drop-off service using credit cards.

Electric Bikes

Touring electric bikes (e-bikes) are available in most regions. Pedal cleverly using energy-saving options and you can get well over 100km out of some models. A few places also rent e-mountain bikes (e-MBs) which cope with the hills and distances remarkably well. Taking advantage of energy options and the terrain on a good model, it's even possible to return an e-MB with almost as much juice as you set out with.

Movelo (www.movelo.com) This e-bike operator has a network of 250 partner outlets for hire and/or battery change in holiday regions of Austria. Typically, an e-bike costs €20 to €30 per day or 24 hours, depending on the station. You book the bikes directly through the stations (see the website for a list).