Top Choice Church in Mariazell


Originally Romanesque, Mariazell's basilica underwent a Gothic conversion in the 14th century, followed by a massive baroque facelift in the 17th century. The result is a strange clash of styles, with the original G…
Top Choice Gallery in Graz

Kunsthaus Graz

Designed by British architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, this world-class contemporary-art space is known as the 'friendly alien' by locals. The building is signature Cook, a photovoltaic-skinned sexy biomorphi…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Graz


Rising to 473m, Schlossberg is the site of the original fortress where Graz was founded and is marked by the city's most visible icon – the Uhrturm. Its wooded slopes can be reached by a number of bucolic and strenu…
Abbey in Admont

Benedictine Abbey

Admont’s Benedictine Abbey is arguably Austria’s most elegant and exciting baroque abbey. It brings together museums, religion, and modern art and architecture into an award-winning cultural ensemble.
Palace in Graz

Schloss Eggenberg

Graz' elegant palace was created for the Eggenberg dynasty in 1625 by Giovanni Pietro de Pomis (1565–1633) at the request of Johann Ulrich (1568–1634). Admission is on a highly worthwhile guided tour during which yo…
Museum in Graz

Schloss Eggenberg Museums

Graz' Schloss Eggenberg and park grounds are home to an ensemble of excellent museums, including the Alte Galerie (Old Gallery), with its outstanding collection of paintings from the Middle Ages to the baroque. Also…
Square in Leoben


Dating from the 13th century, this long, rectangular square has an attractive Pestsäule (Plague Column; 1717). Many of the elegant facades lining the square were created in the 17th century, including the baroque Ha…
Museum in Eisenerz


Eisenerz' main attraction is its Erzberg ironworks, which can be seen up close on underground Schaubergwerk tours of the mine, abandoned in 1986, or alternatively on overground tours in a 'Hauly' truck along roads c…
Church in Graz


The Domkirche dates from the 15th century, and became a cathedral in 1786. The interior combines Gothic and baroque elements, with reticulated vaulting on the ceiling; its highlights are Conrad Laib's panel painting…
Square in Bruck an der Mur


The town square, with a food and flower market on Wednesday and Saturday, is graced by the Rathaus, with an attractive arcaded courtyard; Kornmesserhaus (1499) brings together Gothic and some Renaissance features an…