From the shoreline in Strobl you can walk northeast along the lake for about five to 10 minutes towards Bürglstein, the high bluff rising above the lake. Just over the bridge, an easy-going trail (also a bike trail, though you’ll need to dismount at a few sections) leads to St Wolfgang (6km, 1.5 hours) along the shore. This follows a path and boardwalks around the bluff (the nicest stretch) to the settlement of Schwarzenbach (which is also a ferry stop). From Schwarzenbach the road runs near the trail, so it’s not as secluded or tranquil. Locals who are reasonably strong swimmers sometimes enter the water near the bridge and even swim part or all of the way to Schwarzenbach.

Joggers, cyclists and hikers can also do the easy trail around Bürglstein (9km, 1.5 hours) or join other trails going away from the Wolfgangsee.