Top Choice Food & Drinks in The Hofburg & Around

Meinl am Graben

Vienna’s most prestigious providore brims with quality European foodstuffs. Chocolate and confectionery dominate the ground floor, and impressive cheese and cold meats are tantalisingly displayed upstairs. The basem…
Food in Stephansdom & the Historic Centre


Vienna’s favourite sweet since 1898, Manner – a glorious concoction of wafers and hazelnut cream – has its own concept store decked out in its signature peachy-pink. Buy the biscuit in every imaginable variety and p…
Food & Drinks in The Hofburg & Around


This much-loved confectioner is famed for its ‘LaaKronen’ – brightly coloured macarons in flavours like pistachio, lemon and strawberry, available singly or in gorgeous boxed sets. It also sells beautifully packaged…
Food in Linz


Honey you can eat, drink and bathe in (including chestnut and acacia varieties) fills the shelves here.
Food in The Mühlviertel


Organic peppermint and Melissa (lemon balm) are among hundreds of varieties of herbs for sale at Bergkräuter-Genossenschaft.
Food in The Traunviertel


Kastner has been guarding a secret gingerbread recipe since 1599; sample freshly baked fruit, nut, honey and chocolate varieties at the bakery shop, or stop for something more substantial at its cafe. From January t…
Food in Graz

Farmers Market – Lendplatz

The most popular market on the west side of the Mur, with some fantastic cafe-bar stalls for a pit stop.
Food in Graz

Farmers Market – Kaiser-Josef-Platz

This farmers market is particularly popular on Saturdays.
Food in Waldviertel & Weinviertel

Hofkäserei Robert Paget

Robert Paget produces Austria’s finest mozzarella cheese from buffalo, as well as goat’s cheese; you can buy them fresh from his little shop.
Food in Graz

Hofbäckerei Edegger-Tax

The extravagantly carved neo-baroque oak façade of this historic bakery comes complete with a gold-plated double eagle above the entrance, testament to its one-time imperial patronage. Inside you'll find bread, the …