Tourist Information

  • Most towns and villages have a centrally situated tourist office and at least one of the staff will speak English. They go by various names – Kurort, Fremdenverkehrsverband, Verkehrsamt, Kurverein, Tourismusbüro or Kurverwaltung – but they can always be identified by a white ‘i’ on a green background.
  • Staff can answer enquiries, from where to find vegetarian food to hotels with wi-fi in isolated areas. Most offices have an accommodation-finding service, often free of charge. Maps are available and usually free, often including some great hiking and cycling maps, too.
  • The tourist office may have a rack of brochures hung outside the door, or there may be an accommodation board you can access even when the office is closed. Top hotels usually have a supply of useful brochures in the foyer.

Austria Info ( Excellent information on walking in Austria, from themed day hikes to long-distance treks. Also has details on national parks and nature reserves, hiking villages and special walking packages. Region-specific brochures are available for downloading.

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