Internet Access

Wi-fi This is available in most hotels, numerous cafes and bars, and (increasingly) for free in public spaces. Many tourist offices also have WLAN ('vee-lan') as it's called in German. A wi-fi icon in our listings means a venue has wi-fi access either for free or for a moderate charge.

Network (LAN) Cable Some hotels have wi-fi in the foyer and cable access or occasionally power LAN (through the electricity socket) in rooms. A cable is usually in the room or available from reception. We mention whenever you need to bring your own. Cable-only access in hotels is noted in reviews (without the wi-fi icon).

Internet Terminals Many hotels have internet terminals that guests can use for free or for a small cost. Icons in our listings indicate these places.

Public Access Prices in internet cafes vary from around €4 to €8 per hour. Small towns often won’t have internet cafes but the local library will probably have a terminal.

Internet on Smart Phones Available but expensive if you are roaming. GPS and navigation work fine in most areas. If you don’t want to use local hot spots you can buy prepaid SIM cards without formalities.

Hot Spot Resources See for free hot spots in Vienna, and for Austria-wide hot spots.