Musical Culture

  • Salzburg Festival The city’s summer ode to high culture hosts classical music and opera.
  • Mozart's Geburtshaus Highlights at Mozart’s childhood home include his mini-violin and a lock of his hair.
  • Salzburger Marionettentheater This lavish marionette theatre specialises in The Sound of Music and The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.
  • Mozarteum Dedicated to showcasing Mozart’s life works, and home to some of the city's finest acoustics.
  • ARGEkultur Kicking back against the Salzburg Festival, this performance hub cuts across the whole artistic spectrum.
  • Mozart Ton-und Filmsammlung Home to an exhaustive collection of 25,000 film and music recordings about Mozart.
  • Landestheater An 18th-century theatre that’s heavy on ballet, opera, musicals and that man Mozart.
  • Schlosskonzerte You’re as likely to hear Haydn and Chopin as Mozart at this baroque concert hall.
  • Mozart-Wohnhaus Mozart’s fortepiano steals the show at his family’s former home.


  • Festung Hohensalzburg Torture devices, medieval instruments and puppets are among the delights at the fortress’ two museums.
  • Museum der Moderne This sleek contemporary art gallery hosts temporary exhibitions displaying the likes of John Cage.
  • Salzburg Museum With Roman excavations and royal portraits, this museum offers a cultured romp through Salzburg's history.
  • Mozart's Geburtshaus Mozart’s childhood house is stuffed with portraits, pianos and endless proof of his musical proficiency.
  • Christmas Museum Baubles, advent calendars and handmade cribs ensure that it is Christmas every day here.
  • Dommuseum Renaissance curiosities, stained glass and 17th- and 18th-century paintings are exhibited at this underrated museum.
  • Spielzeugmuseum This treasure trove of toys includes a collection of dolls' houses and Steiff teddies.
  • Mozart-Wohnhaus Wolfgang’s original fortepiano and family portraits are among the highlights of the Mozart family home.


  • Museum der Moderne Alberto Giacometti, Emil Nolde and Dieter Roth have all featured at this classy gallery.
  • Dommuseum Paul Troger’s chiaroscuro Christ and Nicodemus (1739) is among the treasures in this wonderful museum.
  • Salzburg Museum Gaze at the royal portraits or gawp at Carl Spitzweg’s Sonntagsspaziergang (Sunday Stroll; 1841).
  • Sky Space James Turrell’s oval-shaped public art installation plays with the idea of light and space.
  • Residenz Rubens and Rembrandt vie for your attention at this decorative former palace.
  • Rupertinum Expect a rotating roster of graphics and photography at this modern art gallery.
  • Sphaera A gigantic golden globe topped with a statue of a man, by artist Stephan Balkenhol.
  • Spirit of Mozart This 15m-high chair puts Mozart on a pedestal.
  • Erzabtei St Peter Martin Johann Schmidt was the artist behind the striking altar paintings at this Frankish missionary.
  • Mozart – Eine Hommage More Mozart love is to be found in this abstract sculpture of the composer.

Churches and Cathedrals

  • Erzabtei St Peter The German-speaking world's oldest church is a baroque affair with rococo stucco and Romanesque portals.
  • Dom This triumphant baroque cathedral is crowned by twin spires and a copper dome.
  • Stift Nonnberg This 1300-year-old Benedictine convent doubled as a nunnery in The Sound of Music.
  • Franziskanerkirche This Franciscan church features a baroque marble altar, a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir.
  • Dreifältigkeitskirche The work of architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, with a fresco in the dome.
  • Friedhof St Sebastian The Sebastianskirche cemetery has a fantastic mosaic-tiled mausoleum belonging to Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau.
  • Kollegienkirche This late-17th-century baroque chapel is one of the city’s most striking churches.