Salzburg is pricey, but you can find deals if you’re willing to go the extra mile; ask the tourist office for a list of private rooms and pensions. Medieval guesthouses, avant-garde design hotels and chilled-out hostels all huddle in the Altstadt.

Note that high-season prices jack up another 10% to 20% during the Salzburg Festival. If Salzburg is booked solid, consider staying in Hallein or across the border in Bavaria.

No Tourist Trapp

Did you know that there were 10, not seven, Trapp children, the eldest of whom was Rupert (so long, Liesl)? Or that the captain was a gentle, family-loving man and Maria was no soft touch? Or, perhaps, that in 1938 the Trapp family left quietly for the US instead of climbing every mountain to Switzerland? For the truth behind the Hollywood legend, stay the night at Villa Trapp, tucked away in Salzburg’s biggest private park in the Aigen district, 3km east of the Altstadt.