euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €80

  • Dorm bed or cheap double per person: about €25
  • Self-catering or lunch special: €6–12
  • Cheap museum entry: around €4

Midrange: €80–160

  • Hotel single: €60–90 per person
  • Two-course meal with glass of wine: €30
  • High-profile museum entry: €12

Top end: More than €160

  • Plush suite or double in city centre: from €200
  • Pampering at spa facility: €40–100
  • Theatre or concert ticket: €30–60


Bargaining in shops is not really a part of Austrian culture. Flea markets are the exception; or when negotiating a longer than usual period of rental for, say, a kayak or a bicycle, you can ask whether there's a cheaper rate they can offer.


Bankomaten (ATMs) are ubiquitous. Exchange booths are open all day every day at the airport. There are also plenty of exchange offices downtown, but beware of potentially high commission rates.