Accessible Travel

Austria scores highly when it comes to accessible travel in Vienna, but outside the capital it's still by no means plain sailing. Ramps leading into buildings are common but not universal; most U-Bahn stations have wheelchair lifts but on buses and trams you’ll often be negotiating gaps and one or more steps. Download Lonely Planet's free Accessible Travel Guide from

For distance travel, ÖBB has a section for people with disabilities on its website ( Change to the English-language option, then go to 'travel planning & services' and select ‘barrier-free travelling’. Use the 05 171 75 number for mobility assistance (you can do this while booking your ticket by telephone). Staff at stations will help with boarding and alighting. Order this at least 24 hours ahead of travel (48 hours ahead for international services). No special service is available at unstaffed stations. Passengers with disabilities get a 50% discount off the usual ticket price.

The detailed pamphlet Accessible Vienna is available in German or English from Tourist Info Wien ( A comprehensive list of places in Vienna catering to visitors with special needs can be downloaded from In other cities, contact the tourist office directly for more information.

Some of the more expensive hotels (four-star or above, usually) have facilities tailored to travellers with disabilities; cheaper hotels invariably don’t.

There is no national organisation for the disabled in Austria, but the regional tourist offices or any of the following can be contacted for more information:

Behinderten Selbsthilfe Gruppe Maintains a database at listing hotels and restaurants suitable for those with disabilities.

Bizeps A centre providing support and self-help for people with disabilities. Located two blocks north of Messe-Prater U-Bahn station in Vienna.

WUK Offers information to young people with disabilities. Located just north of Vienna's Pilgramgasse U-Bahn station.

Upper Austria Tourist Office ( Information and listings for people with disabilities travelling in Upper Austria.