Northern Styria restaurants

Top Choice Austrian in Leoben

Stadt Meierei

Run by chef Martin Neuretter and chef de rang and sommelier Isabella Pichler, this restaurant offers quality cuisine from a menu featuring lamb, beef, poultry and fish specialities.
Cafe in Leoben

Cafe am Schwammerlturm

This tiny cafe is a visual treat: it has wonderful outdoor seating on top of the circular city tower and breathtaking views over the town and countryside. The stairs are not for the faint-hearted, but it has a (glas…
Austrian in Mariazell

Brauhaus Mariazell

This lovely, rustic microbrewery has some of the best Styrian cuisine in these parts and brews its own light and dark beer. There’s a garden out back and upstairs accommodation (rooms from €70 per person).
Cafe in Eisenerz


Drop by for delicious apple strudel or to relax on the comfy chairs out back over a tea or coffee. Has brochures and maps of the town, which are useful when the tourist office is closed.
Seafood in Mariazell


This gourmet shop serves sit-down meals and snacks but also has lots of tasty fish dishes and delicacies for a picnic, including mouthwatering Krainer sausage made from game.
Austrian in Eisenerz

Gasthof zur Post

The traditional Gasthof zur Post prides itself on local classics such as Beuschel (lung and heart) or inexpensive goulash and venison ragout.