Lockenhaus attractions

Castle in Lockenhaus

Burg Lockenhaus

Lockenhaus, in the centre of Burgenland, is famous for its castle, or more accurately, for its former resident Elizabeth Bäthory. Better known as the ‘Blood Countess’, she has gone down in history for her reign of t…
Museum in Lockenhaus

Südburgenländisches Freilichtmuseum

Small but rewarding open-air museum filled with thatched buildings from 19th-century Burgenland.
Museum in Lockenhaus

Europäisches Hundemuseum

The Europäisches Hundemuseum is the only dog museum in Europe. The odd collection of dog paraphernalia includes paintings, statues and intriguing photos of dogs dressed for war during WWI and WWII, complete with gas…
Museum in Lockenhaus


Felsenmuseum concentrates its displays on the gemstone serpentine and its local mining (it was first mined in the town in the mid-19th century).