Feature: Linz' Hall of Fame

Romantic composer Anton Bruckner was the organist at the Alter Dom from 1856 to 1868. Today his symphonies still resound at cathedral concerts from July to September and at the annual Brucknerfest.

Not to be eclipsed is the great astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler, who lived at Rathausgasse 5, where he completed the groundbreaking Rudolphine Tables. The house now harbours the Kepler Salon, which hosts science-themed events. The genius is also commemorated by the Planet Fountain at the Landhaus, and by the university named after him, where he taught from 1612 to 1626.

A bust of Mozart graces the entrance to the grand Renaissance townhouse on the corner of Theatergasse and Altstadt, where he stayed as a guest of the Count of Thun in 1783 and is said to have bashed out the Linzer Symphony (No 36) in just four days.