Top Choice Museum in Linz

Ars Electronica Center

The technology, science and digital media of the future are in the spotlight at Linz' biggest crowd-puller. In the labs you can interact with robots, animate digital objects, print 3D structures, turn your body into…
Top Choice Cathedral in Linz


Also known as the Neuer Dom, this neo-Gothic giant of a cathedral lifts your gaze to its riot of pinnacles, flying buttresses and filigree traceried windows. Designed in the mid-19th century by Vinzenz Statz of Colo…
Top Choice Gallery in Linz


Overlooking the Danube, the rectangular glass-and-steel Lentos is strikingly illuminated by night. The gallery guards one of Austria's finest modern-art collections, including works by Warhol, Schiele, Klimt, Kokosc…
Gardens in Linz

Botanischer Garten

These peaceful botanical gardens, 1.7km southwest of the centre, nurture 10,000 species, from native alpine plants to orchids, rhododendrons, tropical palms and one of Europe’s largest cacti collections.
Park in Linz


Next to Lentos on the southern bank of the Danube is the Donaupark, the city’s green escape vault. Modern sculptures rise above the bushes in the well-tended gardens, which are a magnet for walkers, joggers, skaters…
Amusement Park in Linz


At the summit of Pöstlingberg is the turn-of-the-century Grottenbahn, where families – and anyone that loves a bit of cult kitsch – can board the dragon train to trundle past gnomes, glittering stalactites and scene…
Gallery in Linz


Housed in a sumptuous late 19th-century building, the Landesgalerie focuses on 20th- and 21st-century paintings, photography and installations. The rotating exhibitions often zoom in on works by Upper Austrian artis…
Castle in Linz


Romans, Habsburg emperors, fire – Linz' castle has seen the lot. Enjoy the panoramic city views before delving into its museum's trove of treasures, gathered from abbeys and palaces over the centuries. The collectio…
Square in Linz


Street performers entertain the crowds, trams rumble past and locals relax in pavement cafes on the city's centrepiece square, framed by ornate baroque and pastel-coloured Renaissance houses. The square's Dreifaltig…
Cathedral in Linz

Alter Dom

The twin towers of this late 17th-century cathedral dominate Linz’ skyline. With its stucco-work, pink-marble altar and gilt pillars, the interior is remarkably ornate. Famous local lad Anton Bruckner served as orga…