Museum in Lienz


Excavations are still under way at the Aguntum archaeological site in nearby Dölsach to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of this 2000-year-old municipium, which flourished as a centre of trade and commerce under Emp…
Castle in Lienz

Schloss Bruck

Lienz' famous medieval fortress has a museum chronicling the region's history, as well as Roman artefacts, Gothic winged altars and local costumes. The castle tower is used for changing exhibitions; a highlight for …
Church in Lienz

Stadtpfarrkirche St Andrä

The town's main church has an attractive Gothic rib-vaulted ceiling, startling baroque altar, 14th-century frescoes and a pair of unusual tombstones sculpted in red Salzburg marble. Alongside is the solemn Kriegerge…