Department Store in Graz

Kastner & Öhler

Graz' main department store is the glamorous Kastner & Öhler, just north of Hauptplatz. There's a dedicated hiking and climbing section, with its own alpine cafe.
Clothing in Graz

Steirisches Heimatwerk

Austrians take their national dress very seriously and this is a well-respected supplier of beautifully crafted traditional kit, from Dirndls to alpine jumpers.
Food in Graz

Farmers Market – Lendplatz

The most popular market on the west side of the Mur, with some fantastic cafe-bar stalls for a pit stop.
Food in Graz

Farmers Market – Kaiser-Josef-Platz

This farmers market is particularly popular on Saturdays.
Books in Graz

Buchhandlung Moser

The main bookshop in town.
Spices in Graz


Manfred van den Berg has collected a wonderful assortment of spices as well as producing a couple of house-blend gins. Stock up on olive oils, chocolates, jams and pumpkin seed products.
Food in Graz

Hofbäckerei Edegger-Tax

The extravagantly carved neo-baroque oak façade of this historic bakery comes complete with a gold-plated double eagle above the entrance, testament to its one-time imperial patronage. Inside you'll find bread, the …