Top Choice Gallery in Graz

Kunsthaus Graz

Designed by British architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, this world-class contemporary-art space is known as the 'friendly alien' by locals. The building is signature Cook, a photovoltaic-skinned sexy biomorphi…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Graz


Rising to 473m, Schlossberg is the site of the original fortress where Graz was founded and is marked by the city's most visible icon – the Uhrturm. Its wooded slopes can be reached by a number of bucolic and strenu…
Castle in Graz


Graz’ 15th-century Burg today houses government offices. At the far end of the courtyard, on the left under the arch, is an ingenious double staircase (1499) – the steps diverge and converge as they spiral. It adjoi…
Church in Graz


The Domkirche dates from the 15th century, and became a cathedral in 1786. The interior combines Gothic and baroque elements, with reticulated vaulting on the ceiling; its highlights are Conrad Laib's panel painting…
Museum in Graz

FRida & FreD

This small but fun-packed ­museum is aimed at kids aged 3 to 12, and hosts two exhibitions, one for children from 3 to 7 years, and a second for children from 8 years and older. Both focus educationally and interact…
Museum in Graz


If you have a passion for armour and weapons, you'll enjoy the Landeszeughaus, where more than 30,000 pieces of glistening weaponry are housed. The exhibition is one of Graz' most interesting and the largest of its …
Mausoleum in Graz

Mausoleum of Ferdinand II

The mannerist-baroque Mausoleum of Ferdinand II was designed by Italian architect Pietro de Pomis and begun in 1614; after Pomis’ death the mausoleum was completed by Pietro Valnegro, while Johann Bernhard Fischer v…
Bridge in Graz


Murinsel is a constructed island-cum-bridge of metal and plastic in the middle of the Mur. This modern floating landmark contains a cafe, a kids' playground and a small stage. Even if you don't stop in, it's a great…
Museum in Graz

Museum der Wahrnehmung

Exploring sensory illusions, the Museum of Perception features a small changing exhibition of art works that have a close (or sometimes distant) relationship to perception, as well as gadgets that help you explore i…
Gardens in Graz


The Planetengarten is a contemporary realisation of a Renaissance astronomical garden by artist Helga Tornquist. It's located within the Schloss Eggenberg Parkland.