Banks 8am or 9am–3pm Monday to Friday (to 5.30pm Thursday)

Cafes 7am or 8am–11pm or midnight; traditional cafes close at 7pm or 8pm

Offices and government departments 8am–3.30pm, 4pm or 5pm Monday to Friday

Post offices 8am–noon and 2–6pm Monday to Friday; some open Saturday morning

Pubs and Bars Close between midnight and 4am

Restaurants Generally 11am–2.30pm or 3pm and 6–11pm or midnight

Shops 9am–6.30pm Monday to Friday (often to 9pm Thursday or Friday in cities), 9am–5pm Saturday

Seasonal Opening Hours

Opening hours can vary significantly between the high season (April to October) and winter – many sights and tourist offices are on reduced hours from November to March. Opening hours we provide are for the high season, so outside those months it can be useful to check ahead.