Freistadt attractions

Museum in Freistadt


The city’s 14th-century castle, with a square tower topped by a tapering red-tiled roof, harbours this museum, exhibiting 600 works of engraved painted glass. Climb the 50m Bergfried tower for far-reaching views ove…
Historic Site in Freistadt


Freistadt's Altstadt sits within its sturdy 14th-century city walls complete with gate towers such as the medieval Linzertor and skeletal Böhmertor, which reflect its past need for strong defences as an important st…
Square in Freistadt


Freistadt’s focal point is the elongated Hauptplatz, jammed between the old city walls. The square has some ornate buildings and a Gothic Stadtpfarrkirche capped with a baroque tower. Some of the houses along Waagga…
Church in Freistadt


The Gothic Stadtpfarrkirche is topped with a baroque tower.