Austrian in Eisenstadt

Restaurant Henrici

This smart restaurant shares the former gatehouse of Schloss Esterházy with its sister wine bar Selektion. It's an atmospheric space to graze or dine, with a crowd-pleasing menu of burgers, pasta, Mediterranean-styl…
Austrian in Eisenstadt


Duck into this microbrewery and restaurant for some of the best-value eating in town: culinary classics such as schnitzel and goulash are complemented by seasonal dishes. The generous lunch menu is a steal at €7.40 …
Cafe in Eisenstadt


This small cafe and bistro-style eatery serves a small range of dishes but it does them well. The lunch menu (€8.90) might include offerings like carrot and ginger soup with chicken breast and herb-scented risotto.
Tex-Mex in Eisenstadt


This lively crossover eatery and lounge serves everything from hamburgers to the full range of Tex-Mex offerings, like burritos, chicken wings, fajitas and good old-fashioned steak. There’s a small outdoor area out …