Must-see nightlife in Carinthia

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    Top Choice

    The best in a row of cafes and nightspots, this wonderfully rambling bar-cafe has a lovely outlook over the Lend Canal, along with a delightful ivy-clad…

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    Top Choice
    Kap 4613

    Combining an atrium with a deck area and a beach bar extending over the water for summer sipping, this lakeside spot is easily Millstatt's best drinking…

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    Cafe Ingeborg Bachmann

    This original 20th-century Klagenfurt Kaffeehaus (coffee house) is a true retro affair, with 1960s/70s vintage furniture and decor. It attracts the city's…

  • W

    A proper Italian wine shop and bar, where you can join locals for a glass of a beautiful small-producer wine from the Veneto, Friuli, Südtirol or even…

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    Park Haus Cafe

    An all-day hang-out for Klagenfurt's young and interesting, with a line-up of sofas inside and a sunny terrace overlooking the park outside. While its by…

  • K

    This slightly bland cafe is an unlikely jazz venue hosting some of the top national names on the pub circuit.