A Tour through the Vienna Art History Museum: Learn to See Greatness in Art

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The sumptuous Vienna Art History Museum stands alongside the Louvre, Hermitage, and the British Museum as one of the greatest collections of art in the world. And it the best place for a very special art experience. Dozens of the museum's rooms are filled with thousands of artworks, each is unique and interesting in one or another way. But how can someone decide which objects are important and why? How do you decide what is important?
The story behind the storyA trip to the Vienna Art Museum is about more than pretty sights. It’s about education. The museum’s curators have drawn up an informative list for visitors; including 700 masterpieces for local art lovers, 100 for recurring visitors, and 35 “must-see” pieces for newbies. With this art tour, you have two choices. To blindly follow the curators’ list (which isn’t a bad thing at all!) or, to take note of our handpicked highlights below. Each has been chosen from a collection of thousands of paintings, sculptures, and tapestries. Explore globally celebrated masterpieces, from varying perspectives, and understand what makes each painting “tick.” Why is it so special? Why do people stand and stare at it all day long? Is it the impeccable craftsmanship? The remarkable artistic expression? Good marketing? Pure coincidence? You have questions. We have answers.Highlights • “Saliera” by Benvenuto Cellini: What turned this golden Salt Cellar into an Austrian “Mona Lisa”? was it artistic skill...or questionable criminal history? • “The Tower of Babel” by Peter Breugel: In spite of its architectural inaccuracies, why does the world relate the Tower of Babel to this particular image?  • Reserve Head and a Hippo from Ancient Egypt: How do these magnificent artifacts shape our understanding of historical Egyptian culture?A whole new world awaitsFeed your curiosity. Discover the beauty of the Vienna Art History Museum. Unearth greatness.

What’s included

  • Professional Art Historian guide
  • Private tour - just for you or your group up to 4 people

What’s not included

  • The entrance fee for the rest of the group is to be paid extra
  • Hotel pickup
  • Hotel drop-off