Wynyard & Around restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Wynyard & Around

Splash Café

Well, here's an unexpected treat. Located at the entrance to the tourist park on the eastern edge of town, Splash serves delicious food and excellent coffee. How do house-made bagels or eggs Benedict sound for break…
Bistro in Wynyard & Around

Bruce's Cafe

There are some surprises on the menu at this highway cafe, with treats such as buttermilk-fried chicken tacos appearing alongside vegan dishes and classic burgers. Kids love the play area at the back and parents lik…
Fish & Chips in Wynyard & Around

Wynyard Seafoods

There's only one place to truly enjoy fish and chips, and that's outside. Head to this takeaway shop on the Wynyard Wharf, order your fried morsels of choice and eat them at one of the river-facing picnic tables.
Pub Food in Wynyard & Around

Annie's Place

Host Annie gives a cheerful welcome to diners as they enter the barn-like upper-floor dining room of Wynyard's RSL and both she and her staff work hard to keep their guests happy. There's no surprises on the menu, w…