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Landmark in Wynyard & Around

Fossil Bluff

Created by an ancient tidewater glacier, 275-million-year-old Fossil Bluff is rich in fossils, including the remains of prehistoric whales and the oldest marsupial fossil found in Australia. The species was named Wy…
Landmark in Wynyard & Around

Table Cape

The stunning flat-topped promontory known as Table Cape was named by Matthew Flinders in 1798 during his circumnavigation of the island with George Bass. An extinct volcano, it is now protected as the Table Cape Sta…
Farm in Wynyard & Around

Table Cape Tulip Farm

The volcanic, chocolate-red soils of Table Cape are extraordinarily fertile, so it’s a perfect spot to grow tulips. In October, when the bulbs flower, there’s a mesmerising array of colours to marvel at and a cantee…
Museum in Wynyard & Around

Ransley Veteran Ford Collection

Owned and meticulously restored by a Wynyard local, this extraordinary collection of 17 vintage Ford cars and motorbikes is the pride of the town, and rightfully so. The showpiece is a 1903 Model A Ford, which was t…
Lighthouse in Wynyard & Around

Table Cape Lighthouse

This 25m-tall lighthouse began its seaside vigil in 1888, after its light and landing were imported from England. Visitors can climb the spiral stairs and walk around the light at the top on a guided tour. These dep…
Viewpoint in Wynyard & Around

Table Cape Lookout

Offers stunning views over Bass Strait. Consider parking your car here and following the Lookout to Lighthouse Walking Trail (30 minutes return).