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Women Travellers

Australia is generally a safe place for women travellers, and the following sensible precautions all apply for men, as well as women.

Night-time Avoid walking alone late at night in any of the major cities and towns – keep enough money aside for a taxi back to your accommodation.

Pubs Be wary of basic pub accommodation unless it looks particularly well managed. Alcohol can affect people's behaviour and compromise safety.

Drink spiking Pubs in major cities sometimes post warnings about drugged or 'spiked' drinks. Play it cautious if someone offers you a drink in a bar.

Sexual harassment Unfortunately still a fairly big problem in Australia from street harassment to 'nice guys' on dating apps.

Hitchhiking Hitching is never recommended for anyone, even when travelling in pairs. Exercise caution at all times.

Solo travel Most people won't bat an eyelid if you're female-identifying and travelling alone. Go forth and have the time of your life in Australia, without having to compromise just to have a buddy on the road.