Top things to do

Museum in Winton

Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

This outstanding dinosaur fossil museum, about 15km east of Winton, is set atop a rugged plateau known as the 'Jump Up'. There are two sides to the architecturally designed building – the laboratory and the collecti…
Museum in Winton

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

About 110km southwest of Winton is the startling Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry, where you’ll see dinosaur footprints fossilised in a prehistoric stream bed beneath a sheltered walkway. It requires some imaginatio…
Pub Food in Winton

Tattersalls Hotel

This friendly timber corner pub is an incongruous foodie destination, with generous reasonably priced pub food best devoured on the wooden verandah facing the street. There are rooms upstairs and a van park across t…
Cultural in Winton

Outback Festival

This five-day biennial festival is held in odd years and features music, dancing, sports, frivolity and the Dunny Derby.
Theatre in Winton

Royal Theatre

There’s an old-movie-world charm in the canvas-slung chairs, corrugated tin walls and star-studded ceiling at this classic semi-outdoor theatre (1918), complete with the world's biggest deckchair. Enter via the Opal…
Museum in Winton

Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum

Fans of trucks and old vehicles will love the historic collection of old Macks, Chevys and Model T Fords in this big shed. A special exhibit is the MAN truck belonging to legendary Cape York female trucker 'Toots' H…
Sculpture in Winton

Arno’s Wall

Arno’s Wall is one of Winton’s quirky outback attractions – a 70m-long work-in-progress by artist Arno Grotjahn, featuring a huge range of industrial and household items, from TVs to motorcycles, ensnared in mortar…
Museum in Winton

Qantilda Museum

A survivor from the fire that claimed the Waltzing Matilda Centre, this museum features the historic Christina MacPherson Cottage, a range of old machinery and a bottle room.
Cafe in Winton

Musical Fence Cafe

This licensed cafe attached to the North Gregory Hotel is a good spot for breakfast, coffee or a light lunch of sandwiches, burgers or pizza.
Public Art in Winton

Musical Fence

This quirky bit of outback art features a musical wire fence and other bits of steel to bang on.