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Year-round marine awesomeness:December to March Turtles – three endangered species nest and hatch in the dunes. Best seen outside Exmouth.March and April Coral spawning – an amazing event occurring seven days after the full moon.Mid-March to mid-August Whale sharks – the biggest fish on the planet arrive for the coral spawning. Tours out of Exmouth and Coral Bay.May to November Manta rays – present year-round; their numbers increase dramatically over winter and spring. Snorkelling and diving tours that interact with manta rays (ie swim above them) leave from Exmouth and Coral Bay in winter, and from Coral Bay in summer.June to November Humpback whales – breed in the warm tropics then head back south to feed in the Antarctic. Tours out of Exmouth and Coral Bay (whale watching, and also interaction tours).September to February Reef sharks – large numbers of harmless black tip reef sharks can be found inhabiting the shallow lagoons. Skeleton Bay near Coral Bay is a well-known nursery.Aside from marine encounters, factors to consider include: school holidays (avoid if you can, as you'll pay more and accommodation is limited) and weather. The region is dry and warm all year, but temperatures are high in summer (mid-30s to low 40s Celsius from November to March), and there is also moderate risk at this time of a tropical cyclone.Hint: bring polarised sunglasses, which make it easier to spot marine life in the water.

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Swim with Humpback Whales Adventure Day from Exmouth

When can you swim with Humpback Whales?Each year, Humpback Whales begin their epic migration northwards from the cold waters of Antarctica, to the tropical waters of Broome, Western Australia. Their migration is one of the longest of any mammal in the world at approximately 6,700km long, and lasts for up to 8 months. The Exmouth Gulf, where all life on Ningaloo Reef starts, provides an important transition area for the whales, measuring up to 18m long and weighing as much as 40 tonnes, and offers one of the best chances to see them up close.We will be offering our Humpback Whale Swimming Tours as part of a limited trial from 1 August to 31 October 2018, when thousands of Humpbacks are expected to again pass through the Ningaloo Marine Park. From being an endangered species, conservation efforts are estimated to have boosted the migrating population of Humpbacks to around 30,000, resulting in the species being delisted as endangered – great news for the whales and for those who are passionate about wildlife. Why choose our Humpback Whale swimming tours?Live Ningaloo are the specialists in bespoke boat tours of beautiful Ningaloo reef. Our mission is to give you the best possible experience of our world-famous Ningaloo marine park. If you’ve been dreaming of an up-close encounter swimming beside a giant Humpback, join us. Our authentic Ningaloo boat tours from Exmouth have a maximum of ten guests, giving you the most personalised tour experience. The Ningaloo Reef is a biodiversity hotspot, rich in aquatic life. You never know what you’ll find from one day to the next. We’ll tailor your excursion to create an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll treasure.On our tour, you’ll be able to interact closely with magnificent Humpbacks, the acrobats of the ocean. We will escort groups of five at a time to snorkel and swim within a safe distance of them. The whales, measuring up to 18m long and weighs as much as 40 tonnes, and are easy to spot as they exhibit behaviours such as breaching, slapping the water with their tales (flukes) and fins, and blowing streams of water up to 6 metres in the air.The Ningaloo Reef is home to abundant sea life and you may also spot dugongs, turtles, Whale Sharks, blue whales, minke whales, orcas, dolphins, manta rays, stunning tropical fish and many types of coral on your adventure.Please note: we are currently taking bookings for the 2018 Swim with Humpback Whale Adventure Day Tours only. Bookings for future years must await trial extension confirmation. 


Western Australia Adventure

When it comes to Australia, find out why the west is best on this 18-day adventure from Perth to Exmouth. Ever wanted to see kangaroos sunbathing on a beach? We’ve got that. Longed to meet the land and marine life of Australia up close and personal? We’ve got that too. We’ll cover ground from caves to reefs to deserts and beyond on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don’t get left behind.


Best of the Coast – Western Australia

There’s so much that’s awesome about Australia that it’s hard to nail down what’s best. We think we’ve managed to do it on this 10-day trip from Perth up the coast to Exmouth. We pack in plenty of authentic Aussie experiences, from spotting tons of native wildlife to taking kayak tours with Aboriginal guides and learning about their legends. See the marine life at Shark Bay, check out the stromatolites, explore Cape Range National Park and more. The best? Oh, yes.

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