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Top Tips

  • The WA sun kicks like a mule, even in spring and autumn: slap on sunscreen, some shades and a hat.
  • WA is MASSIVE: if you're driving anywhere, don't expect to get there in a flash. Even a trip to the supposedly local Margaret River Wine Region from Perth takes at least three hours.
  • A cooler box (called an 'Esky' in Australia) is a top idea for storing cold drinks on long drives. They're also good for stashing local artisan produce from local farmers markets.
  • We know this is WA and everybody wears flip-flops ('thongs' in the local parlance), but pack some half-decent walking shoes if you want to tackle forest and clifftop trails.
  • Listen to the lifesavers: plenty of people drown every year on WA's beaches, so swim where it's safe.

What to Take

  • Decent walking shoes.
  • An international driving permit and your valid local licence: there are a lot of long, empty kilometres out there...
  • A 'rashie' swimming top to combat sunburn on WA's glorious beaches.
  • Broad-rim hat and sunglasses (see sunburn, above).
  • Umbrella for rainy-season downpours in the north.

What to Wear

Western Australians aren't the planet's most stylish cohort: the weather is usually pretty good here, and the locals dress as if they might head for the beach given the slightest provocation (T-shirts, shorts, thongs...not to mention full-sleeve tattoos, which are ubiquitous and totally acceptable in pubs, bars, restaurants etc). That said, dressing up for high-end restaurant meals, theatre events and hitting Perth's cocktail bars is usually a good idea. Layering is the way to go in the southwest, as the weather here can be quite changeable: stuff a raincoat in your day pack. It's usually too humid and sticky to wear a raincoat in the northern rainy season (summer): head for the pub instead!

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Check whether you need a visa to visit Australia.
  • Check that your passport has at least six-months' validity.
  • If you're flying into Perth, check which terminal you'll be landing at: there are four, with different domestic/international transfer and public transport considerations.