Deep Blue Hot Springs

Top choice Spa

in Warrnambool

After years in the making, Deep Blue's hot-spring sanctuary was unveiled in late 2019 to rave reviews. Featuring naturally geothermal waters sourced from 850m below, its 15 open-air pools (ranging from 36C° to 42C°) are arranged among beautifully landscaped grounds. Its bathing options offers an intriguing mix of experiences – from soaking in aromatherapy scented pools, to spas in rock-pools fitted with sensory sound-and-light features.

Others include hydrotherapy spas, those with rainforest showers, foot spas and cold plunge pools. The sanctuary's stunning entrance features a futuristic contemporary design and a sci-fi salt cleansing room, while the surrounding lawn offers space to relax. Grab a detox beverage and a healthy bite from the grazing menu in the 'nourish dome' to round out the experience.

While the hot springs are for bathers 18 years and over, the adjoining day spa with indoor bathhouse is family-friendly, and offers an alluring range of spa treatments.

It's all part of a colossal resort complex with turret towers, located close to Warrnambool's main beach.