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Top Choice Rock Art in Ubirr & Around


It takes a lot more than the busloads of visitors to disturb Ubirr's inherent majesty and grace. Layers of rock-art paintings, in various styles and from various centuries, command a mesmerising stillness. Ubirr is …
Top Choice River in Ubirr & Around

Cahill's Crossing

It may be small, but there can be few more dramatic frontiers in Australia. This shallow causeway, which is impassable when the tide's in, crosses the East Alligator River from Kakadu National Park on the west bank …
Top Choice Viewpoint in Ubirr & Around

Nardab Lookout

The magnificent Nardab Lookout is a 250m scramble from the main Ubirr rock-art gallery. Surveying the billiard-table-green floodplain and watching the sun set and the moon rise, like they're on an invisible set of s…