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Cycling around Australia is possible but will take considerable fitness and excellent planning.

Transport If you're bringing your own bike, check with your airline for weight, costs and packing required. Within Australia, bus companies require you to dismantle your bike. Trains sometimes have separate bike-storage facilities onboard.

Legalities Bike helmets are compulsory in all states and territories, as are white front lights and red rear lights for riding at night.

Maps You can get by with standard road maps, but to avoid low-grade unsealed roads, the government series is best. The 1:250,000 scale is suitable, though you'll need lots of maps if you're riding long distances.

Safety In summer carry plenty of water at all times. Distances between towns can be gruellingly far. Avoid cycling in the middle of the day in hot weather. Drivers will not be expecting to see cyclists on most country roads. Wear as much high-vis outerwear as possible.