Cafe in Townsville


Dependable and delicious, with an all-day dining menu that caters to the grazers (antipasto $18) and the gluttons (huge battered fish burgers $17).
Cafe in Townsville

Cafe Bambini

With four locations strewn around town, this local success story cooks up some of the best (all-day!) breakfasts in Townsville, while lunches are fresh and filling.
Modern Australian in Townsville

Longboard Bar & Grill

This waterfront eatery plies a lively crowd with grill-house favourites such as sticky barbecue pork ribs, steaks and buffalo wings. Ignore the incongruous surf theme and be sure to pack a bib.
Seafood in Townsville

Harold's Seafood

This takeaway joint has fantastic-value eats from burgers to a $10 plate of barramundi and salad.
Greek in Townsville

Souvlaki Bar

Big, filling takeaways include juicy gyros, meze galore, burgers and home-made honey puffs.
Modern Australian in Townsville

Wayne & Adele's Garden of Eating

Those who like a side serving of quirky with their grub shouldn't miss mains like 'Don't Lose Your Tempeh' (curried veggie tempeh fritter with Kaffir-lime gado-gado salad) or 'Goat in a Boat' (Moroccan goat pie on d…
Thai in Townsville

Summerie's Thai Cuisine

Authentic Thai food that gets the thumbs up from coconut-curry-crazed locals. The name of speciality dish 'Heaven on Earth' (slow-cooked coconut prawns with crunchy greens) is definitely not false advertising.
Cafe in Townsville


Find one of Townsville's best breakfasts here on the weekends, and tasty wood-fired pizzas, tapas and pasta nightly. A bright, busy and convivial atmosphere.