The Pilbara attractions

Top Choice National Park in Dampier

Murujuga National Park

Murujuga is home to the world's largest concentration of rock art (dating back more than 30,000 years), stretched out along the rocky hills of the heavily industrialised Burrup Peninsula. The most accessible are at …
Top Choice Gallery in Newman

East Pilbara Arts Centre

This state-of-the-art gallery is home to one of the state’s most successful art collectives, Martumili Artists, and is a beautiful setting in which to admire their acclaimed, vibrant art. The Martu people live in re…
Top Choice Gorge in Karijini National Park

Hancock Gorge

The trail through Hancock Gorge is one of the shortest (400m, 80 minutes return) but also one of the most challenging in the park. A steep descent (partly on ladders), scramble on uneven rocks and fording or swimmin…
Top Choice Gorge in Karijini National Park

Dales Gorge

From the Fortescue Falls car park, a trail descends steeply via a long staircase to stunning Fortescue Falls (the park's only permanent waterfall; about one hour return) and a photogenic swimming hole, behind which …
Top Choice Gorge in Karijini National Park

Hamersley Gorge

Away in Karijini's northwest corner, this idyllic swimming hole and waterfall (400m; allow about an hour for the return walk) makes a lovely stop if you're heading north towards the coast or Millstream (it can't be …
Top Choice Natural Pool in Karijini National Park

Fern Pool

Swim quietly and with respect at this lovely, shady pool – it has special significance to the local Aboriginal people. It's a 300m (roughly 10-minute) walk upstream from Fortescue Falls.
Top Choice Gallery in Port Hedland

Courthouse Gallery

More than a gallery, this leafy arts HQ is the centre of all goodness in Port Hedland. Inside are stunning, curated local contemporary and Aboriginal art exhibitions, while the shady surrounds host sporadic craft ma…
Nature Reserve in Dampier

Dampier Archipelago

Offshore from Dampier, the coral waters and pristine islands of the Dampier Archipelago support a wealth of marine life, including dugongs, plus endangered marsupials (25 of the 42 islands are nature reserves). It's…
Viewpoint in Karijini National Park

Oxer Lookout

The 13km drive (past the Karijini Eco Retreat) to the breathtaking Oxer Lookout is bumpy and unsealed, but it's worth it for the magnificent views of the junction of the Red, Weano, Joffre and Hancock Gorges some 13…
Waterhole in Millstream Chichester National Park

Deep Reach Pool

Some 4km from the visitor centre, shady picnic tables and barbecues back onto a perfect swimming hole, believed to be the resting place of the Warlu (creation serpent). The water is deep and the banks can be steep, …