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Australia's main phone networks:

Optus (www.optus.com.au)

Telstra (www.telstra.com.au)

Virgin (www.virginmobile.com.au)

Vodafone (www.vodafone.com.au)

Phone Codes

Australia's country code61
Dialling international0011

Area Codes

Long-distance calls (over around 50km) are paid by time on the call, with peak and off-peak rates.

State/TerritoryArea code

Area-code boundaries don't always coincide with state borders; for example some parts of NSW use the neighbouring states' codes.

Numbers with the prefix 04 belong to mobile phones.

Mobile Phones

Either set up global roaming, or pick up a local SIM card with a prepaid rechargeable account on arrival in Australia. Shop around as deals vary depending on how much data or minutes you expect to use.

Toll-Free & Information Calls

  • Many businesses have either a toll-free 1800 number, dialled from anywhere within Australia for free, or a 13 or 1300 number, charged at a local call rate. None of these numbers can be dialled from outside Australia (and often can't be dialled from mobile phones within Australia).
  • To make a reverse-charge (collect) call from any public or private phone, dial 12 550.
  • Numbers starting with 190 are usually recorded information services, charged at anything from 35c to $5 or more per minute (even more from mobiles and payphones).