Historic Building in Oatlands

Callington Mill

Callington Mill

Spinning above the Oatlands rooftops, the Callington Mill was built in 1837 and ground flour until 1891. After decades of neglect, with the innards collecting pigeon poo and the stonework crumbling, it's been...

Lake in Oatlands

Lake Dulverton

Behind Oatlands' main street, discover this large lake crossed by a couple of weirs and dotted with Mary's Island in its centre. If it's been wet the lake fills to brimming; at other times (eg 1993 to 2010), it's...

Museum in Oatlands

History Room

At the northern end of town, fronted by bright-orange daisy blooms, this old garage is full of photos, relics, bootmaking and sewing equipment, and sundry historical knick-knacks. It’s run by volunteers, so hours...