Must see attractions in The East Coast

  • F
    Furneaux Museum

    The grounds around the volunteer-run Furneaux Museum are strewn with whalebones, blubber pots and rusty ship propellers. Inside are Aboriginal artefacts …

  • B
    Bluestone Bay & Whitewater Wall

    Within Freycinet National Park there’s challenging climbing, views and a basic camp site at Whitewater Wall. You may need a 4WD to reach it, but many 2WDs…

  • G
    Gala Estate Vineyard

    Enjoy a red in retroville in this funky little cellar door – once a post office – right on the main road through Cranbrook. The tumbledown, pistachio…

  • D
    Diamond Island

    Off the northern end of Redbill Beach is this photogenic granite outcrop, connected to the mainland via a short, semi-submerged, sandy isthmus – at low…

  • H
    Honeymoon Bay

    Tiny Honeymoon Bay – a short walk from Freycinet Lodge – comes into its own at sunset when the lichen-covered rocks light up a deep umber.

  • R
    Redbill Beach

    How white do you like your sand, and how clear your water? Redefine your definition of both at Bicheno’s long surf beach.

  • D
    Douglas-Apsley National Park

    Four kilometres north of Bicheno is the turn-off to Douglas-Apsley, an impressive park, with rocky peaks, eucalypt forest, waterfalls, abundant bird and…

  • N

    About 7km north of Bicheno, this wildlife park is overrun with native and non-native wildlife, including Tasmanian devils, wallabies, quolls, snakes,…

  • E
    Eddystone Point Lighthouse

    Lording over Eddystone Point, just north of Ansons Bay within Mt William National Park, the 35m-high granite tower of Eddystone Point Lighthouse has…

  • B
    Bridport Wildflower Reserve

    Bridport is big on native orchids, which flower from September to December. At this scrubby, 50-hectare reserve – part of the Granite Point Conservation…

  • H
    Humbug Point Nature Recreation Area

    Nature reserve en route to Binalong Bay, loaded-up with native blooms and birdlife (yellow-tailed black cockatoos, gannets, petrels, wattlebirds,…

  • D
    Darlington Vineyard

    In the Orford back-blocks up the hill opposite the service station, Darlington Vineyard is the most southerly of the east-coast wineries, producing…

  • M
    Moulting Lagoon

    The road into Coles Bay skirts around the estuary of the Swan River and Moulting Lagoon, an important breeding ground for waterbirds. Residents include…

  • W
    Waterloo Beach

    The bigger of Swansea's two town beaches has more sand than the other one (Jubilee Beach), but the bay here is still fairly shallow and seaweed-prone. If…

  • R
    Ralphs Falls

    Check out some vertical water at Ralphs Falls – take the signed turn-off to the right shortly before St Columba Falls. There’s a 20-minute return walk, or…

  • S

    The road from Scottsdale to Launceston crosses a pass called the Sideling (about 15km south of Scottsdale). Outfitted with toilets, picnic tables and…

  • S
    Spring Vale Wines

    Down a looong driveway in Cranbrook, 15km north of Swansea, this winery is on land owned by the same family since 1875. The cellar door is housed in an…

  • G
    Governor Island Marine Reserve

    This marine reserve just offshore from Bicheno is a top diving spot, with kelp gardens and a deep drop-off that's home to myriad sponges and fish. Contact…

  • T
    Tin Centre

    Derby’s tin-mining heritage is on display in this architecturally impressive space, part of the Trail of the Tin Dragon tourist route (www…

  • M
    Milton Vineyard

    Milton is 13km north of Swansea, with tastings in an elegant, white weatherboard pavilion presiding over the vines. Sip some sparkling rosé and enjoy a…