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Top Tips

  • Little island, long drives: Tasmania mightn't look big on the map, but most of the highways here are two-lane wigglers, slowed by the rigours of traversing the island's complex topography. Allow more time than instinct suggests to get from A to B.
  • Four seasons in one day: Tasmania's weather is as fickle as the wind itself. Come prepared for anything – especially if you're bushwalking in the Central Highlands – from snow in December (it happens!) to 42°C days and bushfires.
  • Sleep central – in Hobart and Launceston you'll save yourself myriad driving and parking hassles if you book a bed close to the city centre. Public transport is infrequent: sightsee on foot if you can.

What to Take

  • Broken-in hiking boots – blisters on a six-day trail aren't anybody's idea of a good time.
  • Woollen beanie for chilly nights/mornings.
  • Driver's licence – Tasmania is best experienced with your own wheels.
  • Warm jacket – down-filled 'puffer' jackets are haute couture here.
  • Australian electrical adaptor.

What to Wear

A 'Tassie tuxedo' – aka a down-filled 'puffer' jacket – is mandatory Tasmanian garb in any season. Wear it to the pub, wear it to a barbecue, wear it on the Three Capes Track… Indeed, it's fair to say that Tasmanians are casual when it comes to attire: clad in hiking boots and woollen beanies, many locals look as though they're about to hurl themselves into the bush at any moment. That said, when the weather is willing, some nocturnal city venues do allow you to dress to the nines – just be prepared to face a completely different climate when you walk back outside. The basic guiding principle here is to layer up: adapt to changeable island weather with removable/addable layers.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Check the festival schedule and football/cricket dates: when big-ticket events hit Hobart and Launceston, accommodation evaporates.
  • Waterproof your hiking boots: you'll have wet feet on the trails here, no matter what the season.
  • Ditch any food you're carrying in your bags: Tasmanian quarantine is notoriously tight!