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Money and costs

Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Dorm beds: $30–50
  • Return train trip: $8
  • Hanging out at the beach: free
  • Pizza, pasta, noodles or burgers: $10–20
  • Private room with own bathroom $150–250
  • Cafe breakfast: $20–25
  • All-day public transport: maximum $15.40 using Opal card
  • Two-course dinner with glass of wine: $50–70
Top end (more than)
  • Four-star hotel: from $250
  • Three-course dinner in top restaurant with wine: $140–250
  • Opera ticket: $160–350
  • Taxis: $50

There are ATMs everywhere and major credit cards are widely accepted, though there's often a surcharge.


  • In Sydney most service providers don’t expect a tip, so you shouldn’t feel pressured into giving one.
  • The exception is restaurants, where a tip of 10% or so is standard.
  • People tend to round up to the nearest dollar or more in taxis.
  • Tipping in bars is uncommon but on the increase, especially if there's fancy cocktail wizardry involved.