Newtown & the Inner West attractions

Top Choice Museum in Newtown & the Inner West

Powerhouse Museum

A short walk from Darling Harbour, this cavernous science and design museum whirs away inside the former power station for Sydney’s defunct, original tram network. The collection and temporary exhibitions cover ever…
Top Choice Museum in Newtown & the Inner West

Nicholson Museum

Within the University of Sydney's quadrangle, this is one of the city's great under-the-radar attractions. Combining modern ideas with ancient artefacts, it's an intriguing collection of Greek, Roman, Cypriot, Egypt…
Top Choice Gallery in Newtown & the Inner West

White Rabbit

If you're an art lover or a bit of a Mad Hatter, this particular rabbit hole will leave you grinning like a Cheshire Cat. There are so many works in this private collection of cutting-edge, contemporary Chinese art …
University in Newtown & the Inner West

University of Sydney

Australia’s oldest tertiary institution (1850) has around 50,000 students and boasts its own postcode. You don’t need a PhD to grab a free campus map and wander around. Flanked by two grand halls that wouldn’t be ou…
Area in Newtown & the Inner West

Central Park

Occupying the site of an old brewery, this major residential and shopping development is a striking sight. Most impressive is Jean Nouvel's award-winning, vertical-garden-covered tower, One Central Park. The cantile…
Arts Centre in Newtown & the Inner West


Built between 1880 and 1889, this intriguing group of huge Victorian-era workshops was part of the Eveleigh Railyards. The rail workers chugged out in 1988, and in 2007 the artists moved in. It's now home to various…
Museum in Newtown & the Inner West

Chau Chak Wing Museum

This new museum at the University of Sydney is scheduled to open in 2020. It will combine three former museums and feature extensive displays covering natural history, Indigenous culture, the university's important …
Temple in Newtown & the Inner West

Sze Yup Temple

This humble backstreet temple was opened in 1898 by immigrants from the Sze Yup area of China. It’s dedicated to 3rd-century folk hero Kwan Ti, whose embroidered, green-robed image, flanked by two guards, takes cent…
Park in Newtown & the Inner West

Victoria Park

The green gateway to the Inner West and the University of Sydney, Victoria Park is a 9-hectare grassy wedge revolving around pondlike Lake Northam and Victoria Park Pool.
Park in Newtown & the Inner West

Sydney Park

Full of dog walkers, kite flyers and stragglers from last night’s party, 40-hectare Sydney Park is a great place to chill out. From the bald hilltop you can see the city rising like a volcanic island from a sea of s…