Surfers for Kids

In amongst the clubs and boozy bars of Surfers, there are many family-friendly activities to entertain the kids between bouts of splashing around in the ocean.

Infinity Get lost in this maze featuring special-effects lighting and music to match.

Aqua Duck Kids will get a kick out of the Aqua Duck – a tour bus that tuns into a boat.

HOTA Catch a film or a kids' concert at the Home of the Arts.

Jetboat Extreme If your kids feel the need for speed they'll love doing 360-degree spins out on the water.


Behind the seemingly impenetrable wall of high-rises, the beach here has enough swell to give beginners a feel for the craft of surfing. Surf schools charge between $40 and $60 for a two-hour lesson. Try Cheyne Horan School of Surf, run by the former pro surfer himself.